CCNM Student Relief Fund
Join CCNM community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Supporting Students During the
COVID-19 Pandemic
The CCNM community is responding to the needs of our students as the pandemic continues to cause unprecedented change.
Many students have lost part-time jobs and managing their expenses has become difficult. Others are faced with unexpected expenses to travel home.
With the move to online classes, some students lack the equipment or technology to pursue remote studies.
Your gift to the CCNM Student Relief Fund will support the urgent needs of students experiencing financial hardship during this public health crisis
Together, we will get through this.

Grateful Students

Picture of Sonia Drouin
Sonia Drouin (Year 4)
“When COVID-19 hit, and CCNM decided to pay for every single student to have access to Empower Me, it was a firm acknowledgement of the need for this service.”
Picture of Tina Canto
Tina Canto (Year 3)
“Empowerment involves feeling a greater sense of strength and confidence. It means having the motivation to remain driven towards achieving a certain goal, and the inspiration to take action while working towards a greater purpose. Feeling empowered includes persistently striving to accomplish something you are passionate about. As we see around us everyday, when people empower each other, they can work together to stand up and fight for something that they believe in.”
Picture of Brennan Dedecker
Brennan Dedecker (Year 3)
“Sustainability is a duty that we have to ourselves and to future generations. It’s about our collective duty to act, consume and live in a way that leaves the Earth in as good or a better position than we inherited it. As a future naturopathic doctor, I believe that it is vital that we serve as stewards of the Earth and take opportunities to give back and preserve the planet that gives us so much. Simply put, without nature there is no naturopathic medicine.”
Picture of LaToya Lewis
LaToya Lewis (Year 4)
“Community is the collection of individuals who are united based on shared goals or belief systems.
The benefits of having a strong community is a sense of belonging, support and empowerment. I have lived in several states and countries over the last two decades. Being able to establish a sense of community in the different geographical locations where I’ve lived has made each new location feel like home.”
Picture of Mikayla Raddysh
Mikayla Raddysh (Year 4)
“Gratitude is a sense of fullness and appreciation within one’s self that comes after receiving a gift of any kind (education, experience, financial, material).”
Picture of Kirsten Vandenheuvel
Kirsten Vandenheuvel (Year 2)
“Selflessness is the ability to think about others before oneself. It is sacrificing what we want for what others need. Selflessness is an act of kindness and love that can be experienced both through words as well as with a person’s actions. It takes strength and bravery to be selfless.”