Selling my West Seattle naturopathic medicine practice

Deadline to apply: 
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Type of Opportunity: 
Practice for sale
Contact name: 
Jeana Kimball
Junction Naturopathic Medicine
4302 SW Alaska St. Suite 200
98116 Seattle , WA
United States
Phone: +1 (206) 937-6747
Washington US

My name is Jeana, and after 43 years in health care, it’s time for me to retire - I’ll be joining my surfer husband, who is already retired and hanging out part-time in Puerto Rico! As a result, Junction Naturopathic medicine (JNM)—my harmonious and profitable West Seattle practice—is on the market… and it needs a new owner

I created a detailed listing for this lucrative, turn-key, rent-free practice here:

After years building JNM, I’m so happy with what it is today: a well-reputed, high-net, scalable practice. It affords me a great income with three clinic days per week (at just four patient contact hours each of these three days) and a whopping 3.5 months off per year (we spend time each winter in Puerto Rico). 

If you were to take on this practice, here are just a few things I think you’d appreciate:

  • Lucrative: in 2020 I netted $60k working only 12 patient-hrs/wk and 8.5 months/yr. The part-time schedule was by choice and there is ample demand to scale up.
  • Scalable: I have carefully mapped out multiple ways that a new owner could grow income while maintaining a great work-life balance (nearly $22k/month in one 4 days/week scenario). Overview of these scenarios here in my listing.
  • Rent-free: thanks to the current sub-tenant arrangement, my rent is paid by them while enjoying full-time access to my treatment spaces and a supportive, harmonious community of subtenants. More on this flexible arrangement here.
  • Loyal clientele awaits the practitioner I’d vet to take on the practice. 
  • Great asking price: priced to sell and open to flexible arrangements with financing. 
  • My availability: I am happy to help with the transition, and unlike many people who sell their practices, I plan to keep my primary residence here in gorgeous West Seattle. 
  • Fine-tuned protocols and procedures already in place for you to take on or adapt.
  • Spectacular 2,500sf space (see photos).
  • Fabulous location in West Seattle (in historic Hamm Building, which also houses the iconic Easy Street Records shop). 
  • West Seattle: have your cake and eat it too with beach, mountains, nature and vibrant urban culture. Not enough room to describe how idyllic it is here-- more in listing.

In case you’re interested (or know someone who would be), here is the practice listing. It includes… 

  • friendly asking price 
  • financial performance numbers 
  • “free rent” details
  • photos
  • growth scenarios 
  • patient demographics
  • location perks 

… and more:

Please call or email with questions, to set up an initial phone call, or Zoom call. Nothing like an initial chat to get a better sense of the value of this opportunity! 

I’d love to hear from you.
Jeana Kimball, ND, MPH

Phone: (206) 937-6747

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