New Grad ND Associateship

Deadline to apply: 
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Type of Opportunity: 
Full-time position
Contact name: 
Dr. Richard Mountain, ND
Mountain Health Team
1121-403 Mackenzie Way SW
T4B 3V7 Airdrie , AB
Phone: (403) 945-8265
Fax: (403) 945-8268
Alberta CA

The Mountain Health Team is searching for an entrepreneurial minded new graduate that is passionate about practicing a broad scope of naturopathic medicine in a primary care setting.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners made up of naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, midwives, a certified childbirth educator and lactation educator and a counsellor.  The clinic is located in the growing city of Airdrie which is 20 minutes north of Calgary and also surrounded by several small towns and a large rural community.


Since 2012, Mountain Health Team has provided three Associateships and we are opening up the fourth to begin with Dr. Mountain this fall (2020).  Dr. Mountain has developed a syllabus designed to provide new graduates with an opportunity for clinical guidance in naturopathic primary care with a focus on professional business mentorship.  Before becoming an ND, Dr. Mountain worked for nearly 10 years in management and corporate training and he has a passion for preparing ND’s for a successful naturopathic business.  This is a one-year term with the opportunity to continue as a full-time Associate.

Associateship Compensation

The remuneration is negotiable and based on both an initial salary followed by a percent split of patient revenues.

Application Process

Please visit our website: and click on About Us, Employment Opportunites to download the short Application Form.

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