Naturopathic doctor (set your own hours)

Deadline to apply: 
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Type of Opportunity: 
Part-time position
Contact name: 
Dr. Nicole Krapp ND
Refined Health
Box 60
R0G 1T0 Roland , MB
Phone: (204) 343-2018
Manitoba CA

Looking for another ND

Are you wanting to be a BUSY naturopathic doctor but not sure how to get there? No problem! Refined Health is a busy naturopathic office that has a waiting list that will easily get your scheduled booked. No waiting and hustling to get new patients.

I work three days a week, booking almost a year in advance, and have a cancellation list that's too full!

Are you interested in IVs, injections, ozone, prolotherapy? We've got it! It would be an asset to already be trained in them; if not, we can help you get these certifications if that's the route you want to go or you refer for those services if you feel a patient might need them.

Whether you're a new graduate or a seasoned ND - you'll find that Refined Health offers plenty of opportunity!

My office assistant is wonderful and will help with bookings and invoicing.

We have a great dispensary or you can refer to the numerous health food stores in the area. You will have a furnished office with a beautiful country view near Roland, Manitoba. Set your own hours.

Help your patients Re-find health... Discover Life! 

Contact Dr. Nicole Krapp, ND, at

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