Naturopathic doctor

Deadline to apply: 
Monday, March 11, 2019
Type of Opportunity: 
Part-time position
Contact name: 
Kristi Johnston
EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle
230 Beechwood Avenue
K1L8A7 Ottawa , ON
Phone: (613) 695-5885
Ontario CA

We are looking for a naturopathic doctor - are you the one?

Surround yourself with top performers.

Be a role model and help others achieve greatness in their own lives and be challenged to live your best life too.

When you walk through our doors you will be inspired!

Do you want to share your passion for health and wellness with others? Join us!

Who are you?

A TOP performer (in anything – rock climbing, piano, yoga, painting, dance, snowboarding)

A health and wellness enthusiast.

A lifelong learner.

You are never idle. You know ‘what’s next’ for you and for your clients.

Being ‘of service’ to others comes naturally to you. Volunteering and community involvement is part of who you are.

How do others describe you?

Charismatic, confident and approachable. People want to be around you.

Solution oriented. You always find a way to move forward.

We are looking for people who are plugged into the health and movement industry and who are really excited about impacting people’s lives. Is this you?

Are you looking for an environment that inspires you? One that makes you healthier just by being in the space? Typical clinic-culture got you down? Want something progressive and cool? Apply now!

Want to know more? Apply! Or, stop by, grab a smoothie and experience our space!

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