Contractor position in new digital wellness centre

Deadline to apply: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Type of Opportunity: 
Full-time position
Contact name: 
Giovanna Capozza
Blue Hive Health
M6S 5B3 Toronto , ON
Phone: (416) 998-3001
Ontario CA

The Company:

Blue Hive Health is a Toronto-based online wellness centre that services a global clientele. Our uniqueness is that we take a mind-body approach to everything we offer. Additionally, we want to take the business off your hands; we want our practitioners to work in their zone of genius and not worry about the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, setting up a clientele, marketing, and developing new leads - we take care of this for you!

We service a "wellness-curious" clientele of mainly young professionals as well as corporate wellness programs (current clients include Google & Johnson & Johnson). Our three pillars are Education, Accessibility & Client-Focused. We provide education via blogs and our podcasts; we create a space that serves all gender identities and ethnic origins, and we work as a team on each client package so that they are getting the very best of care from all angles; creating a truly holistic experience.

We offer pre-packaged services that combine physical wellness along with mental health and energy therapies at rates that are far more affordable than sampling each of these on their own. From these packages, our clients can decide which service will best serve their needs moving forward. We also offer individual services per modality at regular rates. 

The Role:

You have at least 1-2 years of clinical experience, ready to work on a team at a fast-growing wellness tech startup. Compensation is a 70/30 split for all full-priced services and packages. You are fully insured and ready to jump in!

Contact Giovanna at with your resume and interest.

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